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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Drugs in DC - a posted question

I recently answered a DUI/Drug question on a legal board, and I thought the information was relevant to all visitors on our site -- so I am reposting it here:

Question: So I live in DC and me and a few friends got caught the other day with about 6 grams of marijuana between us....the cops took us in finger printed us and all. I have a court date set for February 20th but I do not know what will happen to me in DC since I just moved here. The officer arresting me said that I would not be sent to prison but would likely have the charges dropped or be much would I be fined though? and would I have to go on probation for a first offense to get my charges dropped? Will i get drug tested in court? Please help...this whole thing is stressing me out...horrible way to start second semester.

Reply: Firstly -- stop using drugs. This is neither humorous nor a light matter. Regardless of your personal view, drugs are still illegal and you will still go to jail.

Next, if you have a clean record there area a variety of options to mitigate this case. These include DSA's (deferred sentencing agreements), dismissal outright, and referral to drug treatment in lieu of prosecution (occasionally, you can the case sent to drug court -- a subset of the Superior Court which tends to be much more flexible in dealing with drug issues).

Yes, you will most likely need to test on the day you go to Court. If there is a problem with you testing, or you think you will fail, you need to contact us right away -- again, this may appear trivial, but could be very serious indeed. We would be glad to help. We have considerable experience handling drug cases in DC.

Sean R. Hanover, Esq.
Principal Attorney
The Hanover Law Firm is located in Washington, DC and Fairfax, VA. We practice
in both state and federal courts in VA, MD, and DC.

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