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Sunday, April 27, 2014

DUI from other states -- what effect on my license?

Sean Hanover was asked a question regarding out-of-state DUI charges. His answer my be useful to others with similar questions.


I have DL from DC but got a DUI recently in CA. Will the DUI affect my driving record or will my license be revoked because of the DUI in CA. How/where do I find out if there is no warrant on me and the vehicle?


All DUI's effect your driving record, obviously. However, to what extent the DMV in DC will check your driving record on a regular basis is another matter entirely. Additionally, California will need to report the infraction to DC for direct action to be taken now.

Your last question is confusing. Why would there be a warrant on you? Did you skip out of California and not attend the trial for your DUI? If so, you absolutely have a problem. We just had a client with multiple DUI's in Florida. He did nothing about it for years -- until he was stopped for a routine traffic infraction, and held in jail. He was than extradited to FL (as an aside -- after fighting like banshees, we received very favorable court rulings on his Florida cases, and he's home now). If you are in a similar situation, you need to contact us immediately. It is much better to coordinate your case than just hope nothing happens -- because something will happen. When you fail to appear at a hearing, you receive another charge -- (shocking) "failure to appear". That is a criminal act in and of itself. With a good attorney, that charge can usually be dropped. However, if you go about it yourself -- screwed! Don't do that.

Also, one does not serve a warrant on a vehicle. You could have a search warrant for a vehicle -- but that begs an entirely different set of questions that I don't think you meant. An attorney can run a records check on your background to see if there is a warrant for your arrest outstanding. You can do a similar thing by calling the prosecutor in California.

Don't play games with this. A relatively routine matter (DUI) can become a significant a serious life impediment if you don't handle your situation intelligently and promptly. Give us a ring! We can help. 703-402-2723.

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