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Saturday, June 28, 2014

EBAY did what!? Alright, I'm angry. Read this and share your thoughts

Imagine of dating sites and Russian text on ebay page

Why does Ebay appear to be snooping on my email and browser preferences? Why the sexy-dating invites?

Now sex invites may be more a reflection of the individual using the system then Ebay, but in this case, the person using the system is me, and I am absolutely certain I have not gone surfing "dating" sites any time recently. In fact, my browser is set to remember nothing (Firefox) and I routinely clear the cache. I do, however, surf the occasional Russian store, and I do get Russian emails. Hmmm.

I have two problems with this. First, this is a family site. To get to the "adult" section of Ebay, great efforts must be made to (a) even find the material, and (b) obtain access. If this was located in the "adult section," perhaps that would be different. That is not the case! In fact, as the pictue shows, I was looking at stamps (the 1869 pictorial series on cover, to be precise). These dating sites are right in front of me whether I like it or not. I have children -- I do not want them to see scantily clad women looking for men, or the insinuation that I get "laid" by contacting these women. What nonesense is this! Shame on Ebay for even allowing such tripe to be displayed on their site.

This also smacks of Google advertising. On Ebay? Really? Shame on Ebay again, if that is the case, and even more so if they use the excuse of "it's what Google sent". Ebay is responsible for Ebay content. This is offensive.

This must be changed. Children should not be exposed to this when not even logged into Ebay!


I would be very interested in anyone else's experience with this. I did not "opt-in" to receive this type of advertising. This smacks extremely poor marketing tactics at the least, and more likely invasion of privacy and snooping at the worst. I would welcome anyone else to share there experiences with me. Perhaps there is something definitive we can do to stop this offensive conduct.

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