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Monday, December 14, 2015

Federal Court filing deadlines/timeframes

This is a handy chart for determining filing deadlines for Federal Court actions. Original source: Civil time computation rules.

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Time Period to Respond
FRCP 6 ( c ) -motion and notice served 14 days
prior to the hearing  
supporting affidavit served 7 days
FRCP 12 answer due 21 days
answer to counterclaim/crossclaim 21 days
reply to answer ( if ordered)  
if court denies a Rule 12 motion, answer 14 days after notice
if court grants more definite statement motion within 14 days
answer to more definite statement 14 days after
motion to strike a defense to be filed 21 days
FRCP 14 filing third party complaint without 14 days
Court leave to file  
FRCP 15 amendments for pleading with no  
responsive pleading allowed within 21 days
response to amended pleading within 14 days
FRCP 23 Class action appeal filed with circuit within 14 days
FRCP 27 notice of hearing served on adverse 21 days
FRCP 32 limit on use of depo taken with less than 14 days
short notice  
Objection to written question waived if not within 7 days
FRCP38 jury demand no later than 10 days  
after last pleading directed to the issue no later than 14 days
filing demand for additional issues within 14 days
FRCP 50 judgment as a matter of law 30 days
losing party's new trial motion 30 days
FRCP 52 motion to amend findings 30 days
FRCP 53 objections to report of special 21 days
FRCP 54 (d) clerk tax costs notice to pty 14 days
FRCP 54 motion to review clerk's taxation 7 days
FRCP 55 - hearing for entry of default  
jgm against minor or incompentent pty 14 days
FRCP 59 ( c ) motion for new trial no later than 30 days
opposing affidavits 14 days
court sua sponte order new trial 30 days
motion to alter or amend judgment 30 days
FRCP 62 automatic stay 14 days
FRCP 65 TRO expiration 14 days
move to dissolve no change
FRCP 68 Offer of Judgment 14 days
acceptance 14 days
FRCP 71.1 Service of answer in condemnation  
cases 21 days
FRCP 72 Objections to R & R 14 days
Response to Objections 14 days
FRCP 81 Serving answer to removed case within 7 days
or after initial service 21 days
or after summons 21 days
filing of jury demand in removal 14 days
Supplemental Rule B  
maritime garnishee answer 21 days
Supplemental Rule C  
filing notice of right or interest 14 days
filing of answer after filing statement 21 days
of interest  
Release of property after bond posted 14 days
Supplemental Rule G  
answer filed 21 days

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