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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are They Crazy!?

I usually take a fairly tempered view of news articles about legal events, but this most recent posting from the New York Times (see Hutaree Militia) just baffles me. In truth, it makes me jealous. This would be a lot of fun to defend. Everyone deserves a fair trial, and a good defense -- I should know! I'm a defense attorney. But even I have to raise an eyebrow at the shenanigans our fellow "patriots" can pull. To be clear -- I use the term loosely.

The case centers around a homegrown vigilante group called "Hutaree" who, living in the backwoods of Lenawee County, Michigan, seem to have confused Star Wars and reality. In their effort to "strike back" against the evil oppressive empire (err...US), they snuck around in ghillie suits and amassed over 140,000 rounds of ammunition. That might explain why there was no room in the trailer for the leader, Mr. David Stone's, massive accumulation of junk (conveniently located in his front yard for easy access). Can you image sleeping in a tiny trailer with that much ordinance? Tread carefully, Mr. Stone! Or..Ms. Stone, as the case may be. Mr. Stone is currently in a rather confined area of considerably smaller dimensions.

These folks should have the defense of "innocent by reason of stupidity" -- apparently the final "straw" occurred when Mr. Stone announced it was "go time". And then nothing. He did nothing. Days went by. Then the authorities decided to step in. Apparently, "go time" had to wait for Federal Officers to decide to notice. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but as their defense attorney, I would have a picnic with the delay in arrest as well as the plausible entrapment theory (the Federal government embedded an agent in the group). Not sure...but I still think it would be a fun case.

Makes you wonder if their attorneys are being paid in used washer parts from the front yard...I call the vent hose!

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