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Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to win a B2 visa application interview

How to win a B2 visa application interview:

This post really applies to individuals who have been denied a B2 visa in the past. For a full list of US Consulate criteria for passing a visa interview (for non-immigrant visas -- all types), see

Of course this list is NOT a substitute for talking to an immigration attorney (that would the Hanover Law firm). Additionally, this has NOTHING to do with out-of-status, or illegal immigration. This only applies when you are attempting to get a visa at an overseas US consulate.

Non-immigrant visa application questions you should have answers to (specifically for B1, B2, but actually for ALL non-immigrant visas):

Family Situation

1. Discuss any living, immediate, family members (brothers, sisters, mother, father, children, spouse, etc.) Specifically, name, age, living address, contact information (phone/email), and nationality. Indicate the level of closeness with these family members.

2. Indicate if your family owns property in any country (i.e. family home, estate, etc.). If so, what address, and who manages this.

Personal Situation

1. Discuss your current living arrangements. Specifically, address, phone number, landlord, rent, other roommates (and their contact information), and duration at this location. If under 3 years, please provide the same information for your last residence immediately preceding this the one in which you currently live.

2. Discuss your job. Who employs you (name of organization, amount of income, address, contact information)? A letter from your employer would be helpful (I believe you said you have a job at a resort, but Dr. Kornylak indicated that you also worked at a Yoga center…anything showing employment ties – even unpaid – is fine).

3. Discuss your relationship to Dr. Kornylak. Why are you making this trip? How long have you known him? If he is not family, how did you meet him?

4. How much money do you have in savings? Will you need to work while you are in the US? (The consulate needs to know that you have plenty of funds to pay for your stay and return back in good order.)

5. What bank ties to do you have outside of the US? (Include address, bank statement, and contact information for the banks with which you did business).

6. Do you have any business ties outside of the US? (i.e. are you a partner, member, or shareholder in any company outside of the US)? If so, provide all the location/contact information for those ties.

7. Do you own any assets in Germany or India? Specific examples include cars, pets, professional tools, etc. If so, provide a detailed list showing the type of asset, how long you have had it, and where it is located. (Try to find some things of value that you own, and list them – the more you can show valuable things left behind, the more likely the consulate will believe you intend to return.)

8. Number of previous trips to the US? When? Duration?

Travel Plan

9. What is the duration of your planned visit (current trip)?

10. Provide copies of your airplane tickets for your anticipated travel dates (This is perhaps your strongest argument for a B2 visa; a person who has purchased a return airline ticket is not likely to throw that money away, and shows clear intent to…return! Be sure to get either trip insurance or a refundable ticket so if you departure date changes, you can modify the flight with only minimal impact.). Assume that a visa will take three weeks to process (ought to be significantly faster…but I like to be conservative).

11. Where do you plan to go (trip itinerary)? Be specific about what you are intending to do.

Questions about consulate interviews? Come see us! Initial discussions on the phone are free. A thorough analysis of your case is only $150 -- and we credit that towards full representation if you opt to go with Hanover Law!

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